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I know, I know. You're looking at that "before" picture and you wondering how a person could let such a thing happen. I can tell you exactly what happened. I was scared. I had a fear of going to the dentist. I can look back now and know that was crazy. Was I afraid of pain? It was like a sick joke I was playing on myself - I was in pain every minute of every day. I couldn't eat properly. I was ashamed to open my mouth to speak or smile. I don't know what I thought could possibly have been so terrible about going to the dentist. It got so bad that I did another crazy thing: I wrote to Live! With Regis and Kelly. A miracle happened - they chose me for a smile makeover. And I think you can see the miracle that happened next. But for me the biggest miracle of all is that I've learned to look at my fears differently. I'm not afraid of the dentist anymore. And I'm not afraid to smile.

"We built a beautiful smile for Whitney, and we built a bond of trust with her, too"

There's another miracle Whitney didn't mention: she went from "before" to "after" in just two weeks. That's right - two weeks. Even though Whitney's case was drastic, the solution was a combination of techniques we use every day: porcelain fillings and LLK porcelain veneers crafted by our master ceramist. We built a beautiful smile for Whitney, and we built a bond of trust with her, too. Some of our devoted patients used to be the biggest scaredy-cats. If you're afraid, tell us when you call. We'll make it as easy for you as we can. And we think Whitney would tell you, "the sooner the better."