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Man Enough To Do It


Are you kidding me? Of course I care about how I look, and I'm willing to work at it, but I'm not gonna go nuts. This was pretty easy. Two visits, that was it. I see some guys who spend months, even years working on the way they look, and to tell you the truth, they don't look that much better than when they started. But I think you can see the difference here. I know it's an improvement, and believe me when I tell you it was a heck of a lot easier than a lot of other things I could have done.

"Today, men are realizing that they too can look younger with the simplest of cosmetic procedures"

Wow—times have changed! Today, men are realizing that they too can look younger with the simplest of cosmetic procedures. Drugs stores are now stocked with instant hair coloring, moisturizers and other beauty products marketed to men. But today's man rarely realizes that whether he engages in male beauty treatments or not, the smile makes a bigger impact on the opposite sex than anything else—even hair. As Robert approached middle age he still had two "baby" teeth in his smile. But like many people who kept baby teeth longer than they were intended, eventually they became loose and were about to fall out. In today's world of cosmetic dentistry these teeth can easily be replaced with dental implants. That's exactly what we did for Robert. Robert's smile was easily rejuvenated in just two visits with the use of porcelain veneers that were intentionally designed for a natural, masculine smile. Perfect for the busy man…