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Mother Of The Bride


What is the proudest accomplishment of my life? Being a mother, no doubt. The most precious moments of my life revolve around my family. There's no better feeling than knowing your child appreciates you. When my beautiful daughter was planning her wedding, she did something so amazing for me. Maybe you even saw us on television. My daughter wrote to Regis and Kelly and asked them to give me a Mother Of The Bride Makeover. What a difference! I love my new smile. I love my daughter. And I love that she loves me enough to want the best for me, just like I do for her.

"If your big day is on the horizon, let us know"

We always like helping people enjoy their social occasions. Many people choose to get a smile makeover when they have a milestone moment coming up - a wedding, a birthday, a new job, going off to college, or some other occasion where they want to put their best face forward. Sometimes, as in Kathy's case, we can do it in a matter of days. Other smiles take a lot longer, so don't wait until the last minute. And while it's usually the parents who pick up the bill for the child's dental care, lots of grown children give their parents the gift of a new smile. Kathy had only eight LLK porcelain veneers which transformed her smile. Certainly, the gift of a lifetime! If your big day is on the horizon, let us know. And if you want to offer a smile makeover to someone you love, we can help. Lowenberg, Lituchy, and Kantor make beautiful smiles, ones that are individualized just for you and reflect who you are.