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Not Model Perfect


I'm no movie star, I'm not a model, and I'm not trying to look like one. My career is satisfying enough for me. I don't need any Hollywood glamour. But what's wrong with looking cute and sexy? People are always whipping out those clichés for me: I'm the life of the party, I light up the room, I've got a great smile, and so on. Well, my smile used to be a lot greater before I chipped a couple teeth and before they started shifting out of place. So I thought I should treat myself to a little make over. Oh, I could spend a fortune on clothes, or jewelry, or shoes, but when a person smiles as much as I do, I put my money where my mouth is.

"Smiling is one of the human expressions that is common to almost every culture everywhere"

We can't argue with that logic. Connie chose to invest in her smile as her most important accessory, which it is! It's right there on her face. Smiling is one of the human expressions that is common to almost every culture everywhere. Did you know that people who smile more actually live longer? Or that children smile more than 400 times a day? People like Connie who smile easily and often are boosting their own well-being and they are measurably contributing to the well-being of others. Some of those facts are in TED talk (less than 8 minutes long) and we hope it will leave you smiling. http://bit.ly/QAiNi8 The science is clear: smiling can change your brain chemistry and make you a happier person. And our patients, including Connie, tell us that their Lowenberg, Lituchy, and Kantor veneers inspire them to smile more than ever. So: smile more, live happier, live longer, smile more. Makes sense to us.