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Second Time Around


I don't know what I was thinking. 20 years ago when I had my teeth capped I thought it was forever. I really liked them at first, but as the years went by I started to notice black lines had formed around my caps. I rushed back to the dentist who placed them to complain, only to hear words I despised: "As you get older your gums recede." Since I was hoping to keep getting older I decided to wait a few more years before I replaced them. Wow! This getting older thing is not so great. I can live with getting grey hair, lines around my eyes, but my smile? No way could I live with gum recession. So no pun intended, I bit the proverbial bullet and invested in an updated smile. Look at my picture, I don't know what I was thinking by not doing this sooner. You have to admit a great smile makes you look younger.

"We've all learned a basic life lesson that nothing lasts forever"

We've all learned a basic life lesson that nothing lasts forever - even though romantics would claim love does. Few people realize that dental restorations, like other beauty procedures, have an expiration date. Just because you had your smile beautified with caps or veneers years ago doesn't mean they stay that way forever. A large part of our practice is redoing dental work that has failed or just not met the individual's expectations. Rebecca is an example of just that: aging had betrayed her caps with receding gums, creating an obvious difference between her dental work and her natural teeth. Situations like this are common along with broken and discolored restorations and we can readily rejuvenate these smiles simply by redoing the existing dental restorations. Voila!!! We just reversed the aging process.