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Seeking Perfection


It's not the first time someone has described me as being a bit too picky, but I can't help it if I can see when something's wrong. It was right there in the photographs, right there in the mirror, right there in front of their faces, but when I mentioned it to a friend or a relative that my teeth weren't looking as good as they used to, nobody else seemed to know what I was talking about. Or maybe they were just too polite to agree with me. What I saw, and you can see the pictures for yourself so you know, was a crooked kind of roller coaster thing going on with my teeth. Up and down, down and up and so on. Of course these dentists saw it immediately. They told me that fixing the roller coaster was completely optional, but it was completely do-able. Now, even the people who claimed they never saw anything wrong tell me how good I look. I knew I was right. It's not being picky if you're right.

"We always tell our patients not to let other people pressure them into changing their look"

We always tell our patients not to let other people pressure them into changing their look. If you like the space between your teeth, or that interesting eye tooth, keep it! But the opposite is true, too. We hope you don't let other people discourage you from doing what you know is right for you. It's your mouth. They're your teeth. It's your face, creating that memorable first impression, exposing your pearly whites (or dingy yellows) every time you smile or speak. You're the one who gets to decide. In this case, we chose LLK porcelain veneers to create a more perfect dental silhouette. We're not going to make you do anything that makes you look bad. After all, your smile is our signature, too.