Who ever thought I'd be freaked out to move to Miami because I had to leave my Dentist!! I've been going to Lowenberg Lituchy & Kantor for over 40 years, and have never, and will never go anywhere else. My veneers are 22 years old and I still get compliments on my smile. So I'm most thankful for Jet Blue to get me back to New York when I need to see my Dentist. Thanks guys. Wouldn't trust my mouth to anyone else!!!

Five stars  Marcia P

Morning noon or night Dr Lowenberg, Dr Kantor, and Dr Lituchy somehow always make themselves available. They are seriously the best dentists in New York for all needed dental work! Whether it is a root canal or losing a filling to a gummy vitamin, they are there to save the day! LOVE YOU BOYS! xoxo


Whenever anyone tells me what a beautiful smile I have, I say "Thank you, and thank you Dr Kantor!" Brian Kantor gave me a total smile makeover. I've referred several people who are equally pleased with their results. One of my referrals was a complete dental-phobic, still Brian's happy patient years later.
Ruth Ann H

Thanks to Dr. Lowenberg, every time I smile I feel fabulous! People tell me I look like my Mom when I smile and I always say thank you, knowing that I have both she and Dr. Lowenberg to thank. Also, important to mention is that Dr. Kantor will take time on a Sunday night during the most important Giants game of the season to call in a prescription for your root canal. You cannot get any better than these Dr.'s worthy of devotion.
Connie Anne Phillips

I have been seeing Dr Lowenberg for over 20 years. Aside from being an artist and making my smile look great, he is an amazing care giver. He is always available when I've had an emergency and always is the ultimate professional. I couldn't be a happier patient.
Five stars Andi B

I first met Dr. Lowenberg about 20 years ago. I came in for a consult and my teeth were a mess with regard to how misaligned they were and discolored from too much antibiotic use as a child. I always had a deep fear of dentists, and after Marc told me the amount of work and the price, I left promising to call in the next few days. I called and made an appointment to begin the process. When Dr. Lowenberg walked in to our first appointment after the consult, Marc smiled at me as I smiled back - neither of us thought I would actually sign on for a long journey together. For some reason I trusted him and I felt totally comfortable with whatever had did, including the first day that required many injections.
We completed the dental work, I smiled for the first time feeling great about what I saw in the mirror. We then began a dentist/patient relationship, and friends.

One night I was sleeping in my bed in Philadelphia, and my Mastiff pushed me out of bed. I hit my side table right where my front top teeth were. They broke with the force, blood was everywhere and I needed help fast. I called Marc Lowenberg at 4am and he told me to get to NYC the next day as he placed me in as an emergency visit. I was there for hours, as the “greatest” dentist I know started to fix the mess that I walked in with. By the end of the day I had temps in, got a root canal and left with a face that allowed me to smile.

I have had a bad couple of years, but I have to go see Dr. Lowenberg and Dr. Kantor as the only two back molars that we didn’t work on have begun to break down due to issues from having Sarcoidosis where your bones and calcium start to fight an autoimmune disease. Thank goodness and past experiences, I am ready to correct the issues and keep my mouth healthy.
Long time patient and friend, Robert

Unquestionably the best dental practice in the U.S.
I've been a patient at this office for over 35 years. Transitioned from a spunky 25 year old who lost her front teeth in a car accident to a smiling 60+ woman who denies and hides her age - thanks largely to this incredible team of dentists. All three dentists are amazing! Dr. Lowenberg is my "go to" dentist but I have also been treated by Dr. Lituchy and Dr. Kantor with the same attention and stellar result. These dentists not only care about the aesthetics of your smile, but are equally mindful about the wellness of your entire mouth. It's impossible to find a more skilled, caring, attentive and technically advanced dental practice. Thanks to all of you!
Sharon D

I've been going to Marc Lowenberg for years and have been given the most respectful and prompt assistance by him, and his associates, including Dr. Kanter and his office managers Sada and Yvonne. They got me over my fear of dentistry, too.

I have terrible dental issues and although from time to time for various problems gone elsewhere, this office always gave me the best and most reliable treatment--even calling other specialists on my behalf.

A couple of times, I had guests from out of town with dental emergencies, and the office couldn't have been nicer--in both cases solving problems that were misdiagnosed eleswhere. Dr. Lowenberg really CARES about doing the right thing; you couldn't be in better hands than in this office.
Five stars Anonymous

Five stars? I'd like to give the whole office fifty! Been a patient of Dr. Lowenberg since 1976. He helped me lose my fear of dentistry, and he has worked miracles over the years despite my terrible dental karma. I've also been treated by the incredibly compassionate and skillful Drs. Kanter and Effie. My shrink once asked me for Dr. Lowenberg's number for his patient because he recalled my telling him Dr. Lowenberg was the only person in my life who NEVER disappointed.
Five stars D.R.B.

Unquestionably, the finest dental care in NY and beyond.Staff professional and caring.

Follow up equally as good.
Five stars Bert R

I think I was Dr. Lowenberg's first patient, back in 1972. I have watched his career grow over these last 40 something years. He is still the same humble, generous, kind man that I met way back when. With all his success he treats all his patients with the same care and concern that he has always shown me. His two partners, Lituchy and Kantor, obviously were handpicked by Dr. Lowenberg because they are equally talented and compassionate. I have an amazing smile thanks to Lowenberg Lituchy and Kantor. I like to think that I helped build this practice, because I have sent over 100 patients to him over the years and all of them agree--you cannot get better dental care anywhere. Hats off to you guys. You earned every bit of respect you get.
Paula D

I've been coming to this dental office for 30 years, primarily seeing Dr. Lituchy, but I've worked with all of the doctors. This office is absolutely wonderful. The professionalism and artistry of each doctor is state-of-the art, whether one needs routine dental care, or extensive cosmetic care.

Drs. Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor are wonderful people. They are caring and compassionate and they really like each other! You can tell they are great friends and they, work so well together. Their relationship permeates the atmosphere in the office...which is friendly, warm and even fun!I love going to the dentist!! Singing harmonies with Dr. Lituchy is one of my great joys!

I also want to say that the support staff is great too. They respond quickly to patient needs, and also extend great care and compassion to every one who comes there. Truly, I can't say enough about how wonderful this office is.
Dr. Carole E. Fudin

I've been going to Marc Lowenberg for over 25 years- He has always done excellent work on my teeth- and painlessly, too (one time, I had to have my wisdom tooth removed- after he puttered around in my mouth for awhile, I asked him when he was going to remove it- He said he already had! AND that night, I sang a gig- NO pain.), but his cosmetic dentistry has put him on the map (Oprah, The View, etc.) for good reason. He is a true artisan.

He redid all my top crowns (a bad job done when I was a teenager by another dentist) and gave me the most natural looking veneers on my bottom teeth imaginable- They look exactly like MY teeth, only straight and white!

I call him the Michaelangelo of teeth- I have sent several people to him and all have raved. He isn't in the bargain zone, but you will get your money's worth and not look back. AND he's a mensch- My boyfriend had an emergency and Mark made time for him for a quick exam-at no charge. Worth every single penny. In a class by himself.

Dr Lowenberg is the best. He makes you feel comfortable and he discusses all options with you. The entire office is a delight. I have been a patient of Dr Lowenberg and Dr Lituchy for 18 years and can tell you they have taken great care of me. I have had some really bad tooth aches and they solve the problem fast. I have the most beautiful laminates on my top teeth. Everyone comments on how beautiful my smile is. Can't ask for more!
Five stars Nancy G

I love this office!!! went to see Gregg Lituchy after going to another dentist, who told me I had thirteen cavities. That seemed like a lot, and a friend had raved about how amazing and nice Dr. Lituchy was, so I made an apointment to visit. Dr. Lituchy was nothing but polite, personally attentive, and considerate during my visit. I actually thought he was kind of nice and sweet.

Of course, I did not have thirteen cavities, but I did have one deep one and he basically saved me from a root canal by placing some subsance in the filling. He was so nice to me. I had no trouble getting through to get an apointment. Everyone in the office was nice. I even met one of Lituchy's other partners, Dr. Kantor, who seemed nice too [and happens to be super good looking!].

In general, I would reccomend this office to anyone. They really know what they are doing and they are not trying to rip you off like my other dentist clearly was by telling me I had thirteen cavities. In fact, I sent a friend to them who wanted veneers done and Dr. Lituchy told her she didn't really need them, all she needed was some bonding. All in all, honest, capable service. I felt as if I was in good hands the whole time.
Five stars Anonymous

I was blessed many years ago to be introduced to Lowenberg Lituchy & Kantor and have recommended them to friends and others who have complimented my teeth wanting to know who was my dentist. I had six veneers done years ago which changed my daily life forever and no one knows they are veneers, they just say Wow, you have great teeth. These guys are the best in America and each appointment is a real pleasure with the dentists and all their wonderful staff.
Five stars Nigel S

What a great improvement! Love the new web technology! Not only is this practice better than any other, they are like family. I travel from out of state just for a cleaning. You won't be disappointed.
Five stars Toby C

Have been going to Lowenberg and Lituchy for past five years. Very professional staff and both dentists are very personable and professional. Their expertise is outstanding. Everyone who goes there, and there are many, give praise to these gentlemen. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for" and here you get the best! :)
Five stars Anonymous

Dr. Lowenberg is by far the best in the business. He cares about what he does and he makes sure you are comfortable in your surroundings.
Five stars Anonymous

Great doctor with an even better attitude! I absolutely loved him!
Five stars Anonymous

Dr Lituchy's work on my very ill jaw, gums and teeth turned my life around completely. Before his help I kept being told I would loose all my teeth.
Five stars Anonymous

Incredible esthetic results, front teeth look extremely natural. Only three visits no pain or discomfort. Highly recommend Dr. Kantor and his staff.
Five stars Anonymous

the most professional an they couldn't be nicer. The best at what they do. Thanks Marc!
Five stars Lou W

I love this dental office. They do amazing work no matter your issue. And they are the nicest doctors and administrators ; always pleasant and never rushed. I never wait more than 15-20 minutes. Usually less. Highly recommend this practice.
Five stars Zeldie S

Dr. Lituchy is one of the masters of his craft. Every experience with his work has been flawless. I have utilized every facet of their practice from simple cleanings to veneers and beyond. Their attention to detail and personal care have always been leaps and bounds above anything I have experienced at a dentist.
Five stars John S

It was my first experience with bleaching and the Dr. explained everything in detail and calmed all my fears.
Five stars Anonymous

State of the art......brilliant.....creative..... caring.......really accommodating.....always a sense of security......THANK YOU MARK
Five stars Yvonne

When you love to see your Dentist, they must really be super fantastic! I have the most beautiful teeth and they never have hurt me.
Five stars Denise T

Cavity Filling quick, painless, ultra professional, reasonably priced.
Five stars Soo N

Pure art! The best + kindness, skill and care. The best dentists ever!!!!
Five stars Jana G

Five stars Anonymous

I travel over four hours to get there for each visit. These guys are the best!
James MacWhinnie

I was referred to the Office of Drs. Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor almost 10 years ago when I was considering veneers to fix a mouthful of teeth that had been a personal source of embarrassment and self-consciousness for 60 years. I didn't even think it could be done without first having orthodonture work for a period of time. I saw Dr. Greg Lituchy who, after careful examination, assured me he could do what I wanted. The result turned out to be a dream come true, far beyond what I ever expected. In my estimation, and experience, the quality of dental work performed in that office, along with the results that are yielded, are no less than miraculous and incomparable! And the compliments I still receive about my teeth reinforce that belief.

While Dr. Lituchy is my primary dentist, I have had occasion to avail myself of the skill and expertise of Drs. Kantor and Lowenberg as well. I have such confidence in all of their abilities that I will go nowhere else for the care of my teeth. Beyond being masterful at what they do, they are totally professional, caring, attentive and patient-oriented individuals. And that same code of principles and values is reflected by the entire office staff. In addition, I am always impressed with the detailed record-keeping documentation that is maintained to ensure the highest quality of patient care for each and every individual that receives treatment.

On a scale of 1 through 10 - they are, without doubt, an eleven!
Five stars Steve M

My husband, my mother in law, my sister in law and I all use Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor for all of our dental needs. They are an incredible team with the best eye for detail and work tirelessly to make sure that their patients are always happy with the work that they do. The entire LL&K experience is always a pleasure from the moment that you are greeted walking through the door to the second you leave after your procedure.

I was born with imperfect teeth, some of the sizes were irregular. About twenty years ago I went to Dr Lituchy and he transformed my smile. During the process he was sensitive kind and considerate. I routinely go to the office about twice a year. Dr Lituchy and the staff are always very professional and friendly. I am very fond of them all. Every time I go into the office they make me feel like they are happy to see me. The occasional time when I have had an emergency Dr Lituchy has always fit me into his busy schedule and quickly resolved the issue. I have had many compliments on my smile and teeth. I thank you Dr Lituchy, and all of the staff for making the "dentist" experience a pleasant one and for giving me a smile I can be proud of.
Ginger D

I love love love my dentist Dr Lituchy. I always dreaded going to the dentist before going to this office. I have had a tremendous about of work done which has lasted over 20 years. I have also worked with Dr. Lowenberg who I adore as well. The entire experience from calling for an appt to working with all Drs and staff is a pleasure. I have sent many people to this office all have beautiful new teeth and are happy.
Linda Wolff

I have been Dr. Lowenberg's patient for over ten years. In that time. I have not only gotten over my fear of dentists, but have even come to enjoy my yearly check ups. The whole practice is amazing, and beyond helpful. They go out of their way for their patients. When I was in Los Angeles, I was having major tooth pain, and Dr. Kantor found a local dentist that was open on Saturday to see me. I could have easily done this myself, but Dr. Kantor wanted to make sure I saw someone he knew and could recommend.
Jessica W

I had heard about Dr. Lowenberg for years, read articles about him and seen him on TV shows, so when I finally decided to improve my smile, I went to him for a consultation. I was shocked how expensive transforming my middle age smile into something more youthful would be, but I was so impressed with how down to earth and humble Dr. Lowenberg was that I decided to invest in my mouth and my future. It's a year later and I still cannot believe how amazing he made me look. Every time I look in the mirror I marvel at the work. It was money well spent. Oh, and also, I was so impressed with how he and his 2 partners, Lituchy and Kantor, work together and participate in the entire procedure. I got to know all of them pretty well and I must say they are all sweet and caring--not to mention good looking.
Peggy S

I have been a patient of Greg Lituchy's for longer than I can remember; probably close to 30 years. Greg was actually cleaning my teeth when we first met. I had an intense fear of Dentists; bad childhood experiences, and hadn't been for years. In one visit I was hooked! I LOVE Dr Lituchy. I have had many issues with my front tooth, and Greg figured out the most cutting edge way to deal with it. For a time there, I was seeing him frequently - and he replaced my front tooth with the most precise and perfect cosmetic work I could ever ask for. He is a perfectionist and in his business, a maestro! Besides that, if I have a filling, he never ever hurts me. He has the most gentle touch with a needle and it took me years to even let anyone else give me novocain (which I need to have my teeth cleaned). The friendly and warm staff are like family - it's a pleasure to go to the dentist! I have sent many friends to Dr Greg over the years, and would never ever think of using anyone else! Love Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor! Thank you for years of impeccable service.
Susan Franks

Drs. Lituchy and Lowenberg and their staff were very friendly and treated us in such a professional manner. Both of us are very happy with our beautiful teeth and great smiles. We both had complete restoration of our upper and lower teeth. Every visit to their office was pleasant and we commented on how quickly the time went considering that our office visits were lengthy. We continue to return for repeat check ups and cleanings and highly recommend both Doctors.
Sandy and Robert Mockoviak

Dr. Lowenberg has been my dentist for 25 years. He's simply the best!! Both Dr Lituchy and Dr Kantor are as well. During the course of time they all have taken care of me and are equally wonderful!! Everyone there is; I would never go anywhere else.

Quality service and a warm and wonderful environment. It feels like home - I know - an odd association with a dentist office. My husband has been with Dr Kantor for a decade and raves too

"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Til your good is better and your better is your best." - St. Jerome
Drs. Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor are dedicated to making the good become better and the better become the best. Their office is the total package, and I have ultimate confidence in their entire team. Dr. Lituchy inherited me many years ago when a string of prior dentists, despite being highly competent professionals, could not solve my dental issues and achieve the natural look that I wanted. Because my quest is for the best, I travel more than two hours each way for my dental visit, and I smile all the way home.
Donna O

I met Dr. Lituchy through a friend. I was not happy with my smile but thought it was "just ok." Dr. "La-Tooch" as I refer to him, showed me how it could look. I was relaxed the entire conversation. Within 30 minutes, I was ready to set the appointments needed and move forward with my new teeth! That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am no longer self-conscious when I smile. I just know that my teeth look great and that I can stop worrying if they look "good enough." I am thrilled about my fresh smile.
Janet W

When I walked into the LLK office, I didn't realize how great a dentist could be. He was Dr. Brian Kantor who did an amazing veneer job on my teeth which has resulted in innumerable compliments on my youthful smile. I also noticed that it isn't just him, but the other partners work well together as they interact with each other and there seems to be a general feeling of congeniality in the entire practice. I have highly recommended them to others and continue to do so.
Five stars Sheila E.

I am always pleased when I see on my calendar that I have an appointment with Dr. Lowenberg. Without question he is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Doctors Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor are all experts who with confidence, care, and understanding serve their fiercely loyal patients the best dental care possible. The office staff is a true reflection of the high standards set forth by these three geniuses. But what really makes me smile is knowing that when I leave a visit with him I will feel as though I have been with someone who has only seen the good in me. Dental craft aside, Dr. Lowenburg is the best confidence builder ever.
Five stars Kevin S.

I have been going to Marc and the team for 33 years, first coming at age 23 because of inflamed gums that occurred after a visit with a different dentist. I thought I had something awful! From that day Marc calmed and assured me, and made me laugh, he is kind and very knowledgable. I feel so lucky for the day my colleague recommended Marc to me. It is something in this day and age to look back and know that there has not been a single visit I felt the need to question the skill or treatment I recieved. I know that the work done will turn out the way I hoped. I can honestly say that I have been treated with kindness and respect every visit. The entire team is exceptional. Marc recently saw my 92 year old mother who was a complicated case. The kindness he showed her I will never forget, and the path he set us on to resolve the problem was yet another incredible blessing. Thank you Marc, Gregg and Brian, I can not imagine there are any dentists better than you on earth.
If there were 10 stars Marc and the team would get them! Ellyn S.

One month after receiving a new set of veneers and I can honestly say I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Kantor is an incredible artist, and an even better person. He took the time to listen to all of my requests and thoughtfully weighed all of them and discussed all of them with me. The experience was incredible start to finish and I now have the smile I always wanted. Thank you to Dr. Kantor and all of the wonderful staff that made this experience, and the results, more than worth it!

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