Dental Ceramist – Create porcelain dental prosthesis for application in crowns, bridges, and veneers according to dentist’s specifications. Mix and apply layers of porcelain over metal framework or all porcelain systems to form dental prosthesis according to dental clinician’s prescriptions and photographs. Utilize knowledge of feldspathic porcelain application to create natural looking teeth. Coordinate with dentists to make shade and other adjustments to dental prosthesis. Use skill in gnathology, occlusion theories, and layering techniques to adjust opacity and translucency of dental prosthesis to mimic natural tooth color.


40 hours per week


One (1) year of experience required.


Salary: $61,318 per year


Contact: Dr. Brian Kantor, Partner for information and interview at 230 Central Park South, New York, New York 10019 or via telephone at (212) 586-2890.